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Sporkings, Rantings, and Other Fandom Nonsense...


Cat (My name's not Catherine)
16 October 1990
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I can't seem to turn this bio into anything that I'm even remotely happy with. Suffice it to say that this is fandom account, but not the account that I post fic under, and if you would like to see my fic account, all you have to do is ask. Here, you'll find mostly sporkings and random commentary on my life in fandom. I am 18+ years old.

So, since I've invited a lot of near-strangers to my journal and I've friended just about all of them back, I feel like some ground rules (Don't look at me like that! There aren't very many!) and just some general "you might want to know"s would be a good idea.

1. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO NOT FLAME THE AUTHORS. If I wanted them to get flamed, I would flame them myself. Flaming the fics I spork under the name I know you by just might get you banned, if I'm feeling uncharitable. Linking an author back to my sporking of their fic will get that spork deleted immediately and the series (if applicable) discontinued, and will almost definitely get you banned if I figure out whom you are.

2. Do not post comments linking people to the fics I'm sporking. There is a reason I've stopped doing this myself. It's not because I want you to do it for me. If you manage to find the fic that I'm sporking, congratulations. Truly, you are a master sleuth. Kindly don't tell anyone. (Or, at least, tell everyone you want somewhere that is not my journal.) Any comment containing a link to the fic will be deleted.

3. Speaking of places that are not my journal... I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find offensive to minority groups. This is nothing personal. In fact, it's the most polite way I can think of to deal with the varying opinions among my friends list on what is "offensive" and whether or not sporking should be a "safe" activity. My journal is a safe space, at least as much so as one individual with multiple privileges can make it one. The rest of the sporking world is fair game. You say what you want to on your journal, and I'll ban what I want to from mine. Remember, not wanting my name attached to things like this is the whole reason I left deleterius.

4. Please, no comments saying that the author of the fic should "never write anything ever again." The fact is, most of us have written badfic. Telling young writers (or even old writers) to quit isn't at all constructive and, let's face it, it doesn't really hurt you if they keep writing and maybe even improve. And anyway, the author you're saying that about just might be young!me, and the world would be a terrible, terrible place if I had stopped writing after producing my first badfic... or even my fifteenth badfic. For now, breaking this rule will probably only result in me asking you nicely to not do it again. I don't think it was ever really a problem on deleterius, so I highly doubt that it will become a problem here.

5. PMs to me are private unless I have the permission of everyone involved to go public with them. This includes PMs from authors I'm sporking. I know that some of you like seeing things like that, but honestly you'll never know you're missing them.

6. "Your journal style is out of season." Thank you for sharing your concerns. I'll just mull over that until next December.

7. "I can't read your journal style." Tell me what the problem is and we'll work something out. I tried to get the most readable style that wouldn't make me want to shoot something, but I would like to know if I failed.

8. Eight is a free space. If you piss me off, I ban you. That's the beauty of this being my journal.

9. Everyone can comment, but I'm logging IP addresses.

10. See here for everything that I have to say about That Thing with Deleterius.

Really, I think I'm a pretty easy person to get along with. The four THOU SHALT NOTs that I've laid down here are not that difficult to follow, at least in my mind. Let's have some fun. Sporkings are coming soon!